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Ohtama also has an extensive track record in the installation of lithography equipment and electron microscopes.

Lithography equipment

Extensive track record

Ohtama has extensive experience in the construction of new shield chambers for lithography equipment and also the remodeling, improvement and relocation of existing chambers.

To date, we have worked on over 200 such projects. For example, in some cases we have contributed to doubling productivity by making improvements to the magnetic shield chambers manufactured by our competitors. As a result, based on this experience, we are able to deliver optimal solutions tailor-made to suit your requirements and work environment.

Lithography equipment

Total solutions that go beyond shield chambers

We provide a range of solutions other than the simple installation of lithography equipment.

Lithography equipment demands a variety of operating conditions, including precision temperature control and levels of sound pressure and air purity etc. Ohtama provides total solutions that take into account all of these requirements.

Total solutions that go beyond shield chambers

Ohtama offers optimal performance-based design.

Ohtama not only provides shield chambers for use by end clients, but also provides magnetic shield chambers to lithography equipment manufacturers for use in pre-shipment assembly and evaluation.

Harnessing our strength in providing magnetic shield components to a range of equipment manufacturers, we work together with engineers from such manufacturers to offer performance-based design that also takes into consideration ease of maintenance.

Ohtama offers optimal performance-based design.

Electron microscope installation

We can help resolve the following problems

Are you experiencing any of the following conditions when using your electron microscope?

・Image from the electron microscope is distorted
・Microscope operates normally during the evening but images are distorted during the day
・Microscope operates normally at times but at others the images are distorted

These conditions could be the result of adverse magnetic fields. It is possible that with the right solution you could perform TEM and SEM operations without the above issues any time of the day or night!

Electron microscope installation

How to improve magnetic field environments in the workplace

Ohtama offers a range of solutions to improve magnetic field environments, including magnetically shielded room, magnetic shield cases and magnetic cancellers. We provide a range of solutions to suit your budget and objective.

  • Magnetic shield rooms

    Magnetically shielded room

    Total environmental support for the installation of TEM and SEM applications

  • Magnetic shield cases (MSC-TEM)

    Magnetic shield cases (MSC-TEM)

    Low-cost, maintenance free magnetic field solutions tailor-made to suit specific size requirements.

  • Magnetic field cancellers

    Magnetic field cancellers

    Low-cost magnetic field solutions designed for easy maintenance and TEM/SEM operation.


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