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Message from the President & corporate philosophygreeting

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Message from the President

Contributing to the future of mankind as a key player in the field of magnetic applied sciences

Since our establishment as Ohtama Metal Industry Co., Ltd. on the banks of the Tama River in 1964, we have continued to operate as a specialist in the processing and heat treatment of highly permeable, soft magnetic materials (Permalloy etc.).

Advanced heat treatment technologies, such as magnetic annealing, play an important role in increasing the magnetic permeability of materials and the combination of heat treatment and other processing processes has a large effect on magnetic properties. We have continued to enhance our heat treatment furnaces and with top class Japanese technologies, Ohtama has remained committed to the supply of products with magnetic properties to suit a range of applications.

Technologies that apply very weak magnetic fields are an essential part in the development of new sciences. We take pride in being the only company in Japan with the processing technologies, heat treatment technologies and performance-based design technologies for products made using highly permeable, soft magnetic materials and hope to fulfill our role in supporting development in the field of magnetic applied sciences.

In order to achieve this, while continuing to enhance the magnetic shield and confinement performance of existing products, we will channel our energy into the development of new products and technologies that will surpass existing technologies as we work towards establishing Ohtama as a future-oriented solutions company to contribute to the development of weak magnetic field control technologies around the world.

Ohtama will continue to make on-going improvements to address the needs of customers while also supporting them in the creation of new value as we work towards further corporate development and contributing to society as a whole. We look forward to your continued support and patronage in the years ahead.


Our affiliated company, e-Ohtama Co., Ltd. boasts industry leading scale and technologies in compliance with electromagnetic wave regulations of the FCC, VCCI and CE mark. With these technologies combined with the low frequency wave technologies of Ohtama, we are committed to providing a comprehensive range of customer services that also encompass high frequency technologies.

Ohtama Co., Ltd.

President Tetsuya Okumura

Ohtama spirit

Aim high and remain humble

(words from our founder, Koji Igarashi)

This refers to maintaining high ideals, to consider all things from a broad perspective, make decisions from a higher dimension and to have the drive to take on difficult challenges. It also means to refrain from arrogance when business is good and to honestly follow the humble path.
Our mission at Ohtama is to continue to challenge the boundaries in our endeavor to produce products that are needed by society and that are useful in our lives.

Motto of our founder, Koji Igarashi


Cherish the harmony among people

Be honest to yourself and others, work together to resolve differences and promote mutual understanding as we move forward as one.


One’s true character is known when faced with adversity

The true value of mankind is only known when faced with difficult circumstances.


The bough that bears the most will hang lowest

To avoid arrogance and remain humble despite our current standing as Japan’s leader in magnetic shield products.


Those who succeed shall remain honest
Reliance on ability alone will lead to failure

Take a serious, honest and sincere approach to tasks that must be addressed one step at a time.